Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey 70cl

Daddy Rack Tennessee Straight Whiskey 70cl

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  • 5484
  • ABV
  • 40%
  • Closure
  • cork
  • Colour
  • Gold
  • Country
  • USA
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Region
  • Tennessee
  • Size
  • 70cl
  • Type
  • Bourbon


So who's the Daddy? J. Arthur Rackham is the Daddy, affectionately referred to by his daughter as 'Daddy Rack'. Being involved in the drinks industry for over five decades, he's a man of experience. This unique Tennessee Straight Small Batch Whiskey is made from locally-farmed corn, that constitutes 80% of the mash bill, the rest being rye at 10% and malted barley at the remaining 10%. This Tennessee Whiskey conforms to all the rules of Bourbon, including the requirements to be made from at least 51% corn. Unlike Bourbon though, which can be made in any State, Tennessee Whiskey can only be made in Tennessee following strict production and quality standards including filtering the spirit through maple charcoal staves. Mr Rackham being the unique individual he is, uses a second round of maple charcoal filtration to further the smoothness of the whiskey.

On the nose there's clear notes of maple, honey, a light touch of oak and caramalised banana. The palate has a smooth and buttery mouthfeel with hints of roasted apple and banana. This is followed by vanilla and a touch of nutmeg. A rich and warm finish with suggestions of salted popcorn.