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Mini Bottle 20cl Champagne

20cl mini bottles of champagne are small bottles that contain about one-quarter of a standard 75cl bottle. Mini bottles are a convenient and portable size, making them a popular choice for events and celebrations.

20cl bottles are also great for serving in bar, restaurants, pubs and other on-trade establishments, as it means each bottle can have the perfect sparkle. It's a great alternative to using a 75cl bottle for single serve or by the glass pours. Especially, as a 75cl bottle will eventually lose its fizz, if not served in a timely manner.

To serve a 20cl mini bottle of champagne, it is best to use a flute glass and chill the wine to a temperature of around 7-8°C. Mini bottles are a great choice for individual servings, as they allow each person to have their own bottle of sparkling wine. 

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