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Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo is one of the most famous of all Rioja wines. Ever since two local winemakers, Beristain and Ortiguela, created the first vintage in 1959, Campo Viejo has been synonymous with innovation and a symbol of the expressiveness, colour and vibrancy that Rioja is renowned for.

Camp Viejo's new state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly winery, opened in 2003, is built entirely around sustainable development and is groundbreaking within the Rioja industry. This attitude of sustainability and commitment to the environment means their work will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Campo Viejo's dedication to Rioja winemaking, using the most advanced winemaking technology available, has allowed them to create modern twists on traditional methods to deliver more approachable and progressive styles of Rioja that satisfy today's discerning modern palates.
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