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The legend of Drambuie tells that the recipe was given to John MacKinnon in 1746 by Bonnie Prince Charlie as reward for helping him escape the King's men as he fled the Battle of Culloden. The recipe remained in the family until 1873 when it found its way into the possession of John Ross of the Broadford Hotel. Upon serving it to his customers, they commented that it was "an dram buidheach", or "the drink that satisfies" in Gaelic. This was shortened to Drambuie and the name stuck.

Drambuie truly grew to popularity in the 1960s when the Rat Pack adopted the Rusty Nail cocktail at an infamous New York club thereby leaving its mark in pop culture. A unique blend of scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices, Drambuie is a drink from history that's bound to satisfy.
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