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Freixenet (pronounced "fresh-eh-net"), best known for its Cordon Negro, in the iconic black bottle, is a family-owned company that grew from humble beginnings in rural Catalunya. Freixenet's birth was sparked by the marriage of Dolores Sala Vive, who inherited his grandfather's winery, and Pedro Ferrer-Bosch. Together they created a sparkling wine using the traditional method of secondary fermentation, and named it after the vineyard Pedro grew up in, Freixenet.

Dolores' son José took the reins in 1957, who would become the brainbox behind Freixenet's ingenious marketing; not only masterminding that iconic frosted black bottle, but also driving the brand to become one of the early adopters of TV advertising. His pioneering spirit also made Freixenet the first company in Spain to pneumatically press grapes and use refrigerated vats to control fermentation, as well as one of the leaders in yeast development

Today, the fifth generation of the family now runs the company and still strives to make the best possible wines, and more importantly, is still committed to helping you make every celebration extra special.
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